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Smartphone system allows for measuring sperm motility at home

An at-home male fetility smartphone system that measures the count and motility of sperm has been developed by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Brain-to-computer UI may let paralyzed patients ability to type

Standford reaserchers have developed a brain-to-computer interface that will allow parazlyed people to type very quickly.

Chip can detect disease by removing nanoparticles from liquid

Duke Univeristy has created a tiny acoustofluidic chip that separtes nanoparticles from liquid samples to detect disease.

Liquid lense eyeglasses automatically enhance nearby objects

Eyeglasses with responsive membranes can automatically adjust when the wearer looks at an object.

Pixium Vision brings sight to the blind

Pixium Vision, a company based in Paris, has revealed that it's new bionic vision system—the Iris II—has been successfully put into their first patient.

New technique can detect malaria more quickly in developing world

Researchers from Duke University have developed a fully automated system that can be used in the developing world to detect malaria with only a small prick of blood.

Nanotechnology can help treat malignant melanoma, skin cancer

Researchers from the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and University of Basel have discovered a new way to detect changes in the genetic make-up of skin tissue with new nanotechnology.

New microscope can quickly identify bloodborne bacterial pathogens

Scientists from the Barcelona-based Institute of Photonic Sciences have created a microscope that can quickly and easily identify bacterial pathogens within a patient's blood.

SIIM: Top 10 strategies for CT dose reduction

ORLANDO, Fla.Perspective is critical in the radiation exposure discussion. Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, PhD, of Brigham & Womens Hospital in Boston, shared the bucket analogy during a June 9 session at the annual meeting of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). [Cancer] risk from radiation exposure is a drop in the bucket. But we need to know how full the bucket is, how quickly we are adding to it and the size of drops.

GE displays Centricity PACS 4.0 at SIIM.12

GE Healthcare unveiled its updated Centricity PACS 4.0 at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) annual meeting, June 7-10, in Orlando, Fla.